Making Love--Where You Are...

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Many couples are involved in long distance relationships. This may be due to work, travel, school, or simply because you met and fell in love online (not necessarily a hopeless place). Whatever it is—it’s difficult. Long distance relationships are becoming far more common than ever before. I thought about how I would make it work in my own life. I’ve come up with some thoughtful suggestions and tips I hope will inspire spice in your love life—from a distance.


Most laptop computers and smartphones have the ability to stream live video, so why not make the most out of them? Let your partner look in on some of your daily activities, don’t drown him in it, just a glimpse can make him feel closer to you. Of course, the fun can really begin in the bedroom. You can be as naughty as you like, staying within your comfort zone. There’s nothing wrong with a little voyeurism between the two of you to turn up the Fahrenheit under otherwise, cold sheets. Let your partner tell you what to do, tease him and please him. Bend over, do a strip tease for goodness sake, it’s your long distance lover, he deserves spontaneity. Be creative and make some of your very own sensual videos. Masturbate, talk sexy, it’s imperative that you feed the life of your romance even though your miles apart. Be open and uninhibited, have as much fun as humanly possible while you’re apart. Truth is, you never really know when you’ll see each other again. Life offers many twists and turns.


Understanding full well, you may think I’m crazy for saying this, I’mma say it anyway. LOL…People love receiving love letters—write a corny love letter. You can make yours as deep and expressive as you desire. Write your partner a personal poem. Open up a line of communication that enables the two of you to be honest about your feelings, wants and needs. You may find yourself able to express a wealth of thoughts, that ordinarily, you wouldn’t have the nerve to say.


Virtual movie dates can change the dynamic in your long distance romance. Having something weekly to look forward to, will create a sense of excitement. Buy the popcorn, candy, and soda and become one for two hours. It’s critical that the two of you seize every day as intimately as you can. Doing so will reap countless rewards and benefit the longevity of the relationship. Any relationship requires constant work, but the long-distance relationship in all its uniqueness needs that extra touch of love. Get the momentum going! YOLO!!

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