“Don’t patronize me, you’re not talking to a teenage boy here. I’m a grown man, I know what I feel. I know what I want. I want to be your safety, your comfort zone—the man that loves you the way you deserve to be loved.” His tone is firm.


He cut me off. “Why can’t we work with that…?”

He moves closer to me and takes my mug from my hands, placing it next to his. He cups my face in his palm.

“I promise you,” his tone softens. “I’m not like the rest.”

I’m so torn, because I want him so bad it hurts. I loved the thought of a relationship with him—but it was complicated, a fantasy, he’s just too young. I need a simple life now; complication and drama free.

He runs soft kisses down the side of my neck. I push him away half-heartedly but he can tell I don’t want him to stop. He presses his warm lips into my cheek, and then my lips. His tongued pushing into my mouth and rivalling with mine, quenching our overwhelming thirst for each other. The superwoman in me lost power quickly. Brick lit my fire and I had no recourse but to let it burn. He climbs over me and unbuckles his belt, slides his jeans off, revealing his thick, hard cock. He pulls his shirt over his head and my apprehension lifts. I help him pull my robe away from my body and he nuzzles his face into my breasts moaning softly. He raises my arms above my head restraining them, rendering me helpless. My mouth agape, I moan and splay my body underneath his as he kisses me more forcefully than ever  before.

Suddenly I’m launched into a turbulent, unfamiliar force of sexual energy. My senses are stratosphered. I grab his shoulders and feel the heavy weight of his pulsing erection plunge inside of me—filling me. I gasped, and draw my legs up against either side of his hips. Each rhythmic thrust comes desperate, consuming, demanding. My hips circle with arousal and I call out his name.

In less than fifteen minutes, Brick found his way inside my orbit, heaving and groaning and…loving me—

My thighs clench and release against his forceful bucking, he’s cumming and I scream in response to our glorious, unified, gushing climax.

He won. He got to me. The crazy truth was—I didn’t mind, I never wanted to get got so bad.