Your smile is like sunshine

Like zest to my soul

Buttery wine

Liquidy gold

I can’t deny

I can’t let go

I’m thirsty for you

And I can’t stop.

You appreciate me

Every syllable you speak

Your delicate kiss

As it brushes my cheek

Put my life in your hands

Medicate in your hugs

Strung-out on your love

Soar high like a dove

And I just can’t stop.

The scruff of your beard

Your ass in your jeans

Drives may crazy-


You’re my drug

I’m your fiend

I can’t get enough

My antidote—yeah

You keep me alive

I live for your high.

And I can’t stop…

I watch as you sleep

Watch your chest rise and fall

Caressing your face

I fondle your balls

Your breath cools my skin

Wake up–put it in.

I’m restless for you…

And I can’t stop.

When you sink deep inside,

I feel safe and secure.

When you’re gone I feel empty

I need you for sure

I jones for your essence

Your spirit

Your presence

You’re fused in my mind

My anti-depressant

I can’t stop…


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