I’m Cumming…

I’m Cumming…

make me come

It’s true that most men usually find it difficult to fully satisfy a woman to climax during sexual intercourse. I’ll share some techniques you can use to make your woman have a “Big O” while having sex.

To make her come during sexual intercourse, you need to understand what it takes to make it happen. Studies have shown that more than 75% of women don’t reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. This is because most men lack the skills, and technique I choose to call “orgasm triggers.”

Before you can get her fully charged and ready for good sex, parts of her brain associated with stress, anxiety, and emotion must be shut down entirely. You can accomplish this by doing things that will make her feel incredibly calm and relaxed during foreplay, before engaging the actual intercourse.

Play with her, try to understand what turns your woman on, and go from there. After engaging in a highly stimulating foreplay including, steamy kissing, fingering and caressing her body, gently position her in a way that is comfortable for her.

As you penetrate your penis inside her wet and very stimulated vagina, grind gingerly against her clitoris, gradually increasing intensity. It’s all in the motion and ensuring that constant clitoral contact is sustained as you meticulously take her to a place where she’s breathing heavy and fast and inevitably can’t help herself from combusting inwardly and releasing outwardly in glorious orgasmic pleasure.

Squeezing or spanking a woman’s butt during sex can increase stimulation and make her never want to end the intercourse. This is because the buttocks are packed with nerve endings. However, most men sideline this sensitive part of woman’s body while making love. During sex, make sure you don’t deny her the chance to express herself as you progress. Try to maximize every stage of arousal. When she is on top in the missionary position, shift your body slightly forward so that your penis rubs against her clit each time you thrust and grab her booty firmly as she is pushing her hips rhythmically towards you. You can also choose to get between her legs, and give her a solid taste of oral with your lips, tongue, and mouth manipulation.

Another sensitive part of a woman is her neck. At the point where you know your goddess is genuinely into the sex, caress your lips around her neck, and brush it feverishly along her collarbone to her jawline and then back to her neck where you’ll sprinkle warm, tender kisses heightening her arousal.

Last, but not least, use WORDS. Words can make a woman wet faster than you can say orgasm. Play seductive slow jams and lure her in through song. Seduce her with your voice and tell her what you are going to do to her, what she means to you, that she’s the only one that makes you feel this way. Yes—lie if you have to. Choose your words carefully and articulate them in a soft and erotic tone.

Making love, pleasuring or simply fucking a woman to orgasm is one of the greatest challenges but when success is made, both partners will leave the experience extremely satisfied and craving more. Let me know if this helped 😉

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